Technology is leading to a revolution in the way we learn. It is helping solve the problems of scale, quality of education, and learnability of the student. Teachers and parents can now reach the full classroom through digital screens, enabling each child to get the same base content. Student engagement is higher as it combines various instructional styles. And each student gets exposure to world-class education, something that was just not available in a chalk and talk approach. Parents and teacher can observe the child behavior and activities through a application and portal which is one of the most flexible medium for both teachers and parents to communicate on a daily basis. It’s specially launched for the parents of children aging between 5 months till 5 years. We are shaping and transforming the learning methods to a next level in this 21st century.


      INTRODUCTION - cJourney 

cJourney is a tablet and web portal application for parents and education providers (e.g. day care, nurseries and schools). Focusing on children from 5 months to 5 years. Education providers record child’s learning journeys i.e. daily observations, pictures, videos, audios, food dairies, education framework on a tablet. Education providers upload the child’s learning journeys via Wi-Fi on secure servers. Parents can view or download child’s learning journey from mobile app and web portal and assess the child’ learning and development.


Ø Integrated web and tablet based secure application.

Ø Easily capture activities and manage the learning and development journey of a child in an electronic format.

Ø Drastically reduce the time and effort spent on capturing and maintaining activities, and enabling teachers to focus more on providing the best early years education, an ultimate aim of both education providers and parents.

Ø Send mass email and mobile notifications to all parents or parents of one class.

Ø Low internal IT staff and infrastructure cost

Ø Free technical support and demo.


Ø View child’s daily activities, pictures, videos, audios and share with your family and friends.

Ø View child’s learning journeys from your mobile app and desktop computers.

Ø Receive notification emails from Education Providers of your child activities.

Ø Be on top of your child’s learning and development and provide regular feedback to the education provider.

Ø View what your child is eating everyday. View food dairies.

Ø Compare your child’s learning and development with other countries education framework.

Ø Secure, reliable and robust product from reputed UK company. Established in England and Wales in 2009.